SITUATION #87: Emile Barret and (MusicFor)Eggplant.
E.F.F.E. (Eternal Freedom For Eggplant)

(Maxima-) LISTE Art Fair, Basel.


Music(for)Eggplant is composed by:
Chaï Ayling, Jaz Ayling, Emile Barret, Paul Barret, Regina Demina,
Raphaël Faure, Matthew Randle, Robert Ricca & Tristan Savoy.

Game Master: Alexandre Camard.

Special Guests : Christian Anderson(?), Bruno Barret, Nadine Capdevielle, Nadja Kilchhofer, Ursina Leutenegger, The House.

Invited by Fotomuseum Winterthur.
Kindly supported by Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne.

Thank you again so much
to all who came on site,
to everyone involved,
and more particularly to:

Femmes Actuelles, Chaï Ayling, Jaz Ayling, Bruno Barret, Emile Barret, Paul Barret, Alexandre Camard, Christine Capdevielle, Nadine Capdevielle, Regina Demina, Aïsha Devi, Asian Dope Boys, Raphaël Faure, Liste Gards, Doris Gassert , The House, Florence Jung, Nadja Kilchhofer, Ursina Leutenegger, Romain Mader, Marco de Mutiis, Matthew Randle & his Family, Robert Ricca, Tristan Savoy, Thomas Seelig, Sophie Yerly, Myriam Ziehli.

Vidéo Edit : Emile Barret & Tristan Savoy.

Sound Mix : Paul Barret.